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Top 10 Fever with Pat Jones, Jack Cluesto, Dray Senior & Syn the Shaman

Jack Cluesto & Pat Jones

This week we woke up from our sleep to bring you our second live show of 2015.  With Pat Jones & Ryan Augustus slated for Rap Night performances it only made sense to ask Pat to join us to play a couple tracks from his latest collaboration, The Crafstmen.  At this point Syn has pretty much become the third member of the Appleton team so he set off the show and helped us host it all night long.  He also invited Jack Cluesto to come through so we could world premiere a couple of his tracks and speak to him about his music.  During the show we got the full YETI treatment when Dray Sr. showed up.  Like we’ve done in the past we asked Dray to do a couple “hot or not” segments.  This episode is crazy.  But we know why you’re all here.  TOP 10 FEVER!!! The concept of a Maine MC top 10 list scares a lot of people but here at Appleton we’re not afraid to confront these controversial topics.  You’ll have to tune in to see how it all works out but we encourage you to think about it and share your own top 10 lists with us!  Peace to Maine Hip Hop and we’ll see you next time.



The 8th Annual Ruckus Cup Classic MC Battle feat. winner Zack Jones aka Pensivv

It’s been a hot minute since we have dropped a podcast on you but we just couldn’t resist coming back after the 8th Annual Ruckus Cup Classic went down.  This year the finals came down to Zack Jones & Ryan Augustus with Zack Jones emerging as the champion. Zack joined us, as he has done after every Ruckus Cup battle, to help recap the event.  There’s a lot more talk then music in this episode but you know we managed to sneak in some of the latest 207 material.  New Dray Jr., Shane Reis/DJ Rew, Armz & more made appearances in between all our chatter.  It was fun to be back!  We’ll look forward to seeing you next time….  Ap Ap Ap Ap Appleton!

MC 22 presents Catch 22

We are back with our first podcast in weeks to bring you a live interview with MC 22!  MC 22 is no stranger to The Appleton Radio Show but this was the first time he was specifically in the building as our featured interview.  He came through to promote his first official project, Catch 22.  We were excited to chop it up with 22 and debut a few tracks from the project.  He’s been a permanent fixture in the local hip hop scene for quite some time so it felt great to celebrate and congratulate him his accomplishment.  As always we start the show with an hour of the latest and greatest local 207 flavor and since we had so much time off there was plenty of new music to play.  We also were lucky to have a few heads in the spot including Mike Rich & Pensivv hanging.  Hope you enjoy the show and look for us to come back in September.  Peace!

Queen City night feat. Brandon Ross

This week we were happy to have the Queen City crew on the live show!  Brandon Ross accompanied by his DJ 2-Phat & Sean Smith of Queen City Entertainment graced our listeners with their first appearance on the program.  Sean Smith has been a long time promoter of hip hop shows all over Maine and is the man behind the Grab the Mic battles (and others) that have taken place over the years.  Brandon Ross isn’t necessarily new to the scene but he is one the newer cats coming out of Bangor and if you missed him at Rap Night you can hear several of his tracks in this podcast after the interview.  It was great to get up with these guys, including speaking with DJ 2-Phat, who has been a long time Appleton Radio listener and supporter as well.  Check the podcast for all the latest 207 flavor plus our conversation with Queen City.  Thanks for coming through!

Ryan Augustus – Beats & Rhymes free download!

 Download Beats & Rhymes with this link

Download Beats & Rhymes with this link

It’s a Serious Problem with Dynamo-P & Micodin

This week on the podcast we are joined by Dynamo-P & Micodin who have some very exciting news to share.  MC 22 also joins the podcast to help us play all that new and classic Maine Hip Hop.

Bangor’s Grab The Mic Battle Recap

Another super late podcast, sorry! This week we re recap the Grab the Mic battle that took place in Bangor by Queen City Entertainment.

Unnoticed Architects

Man we are about a month late posting this podcast and for that we apologize!  On this edition of The Appleton Radio show we welcome the Unnoticed Architects on the program to play tracks and talk about their new project Secluded Chronicles.  Unnoticed Architects consist of producer Slop (aka Tony Dolo) and Rew.  Enough small talk, it’s taken us long enough to post this bad boy, get it in!  Ap ap ap ap Appleton!

I Can Relate Takeover with Dray Jr., YETI & Haze

This week both The Appleton Radio Show & Rap Night got a full dose of the I Can Relate movement.  Dray Jr. made his first appearance on our podcast to promote his brand new album “Death Before Dishonor.”  Jr. brought another first timer to Appleton, Haze, along with two-thirds of the YETI (Syn Shamez & Dray Senior) plus G Dubbs.  We get it in with nearly everyone and with the addition of Dynamo P & Shane Reis in the building there were just too many MC’s and not enough mics for us not to end the show with a cypher.  All that plus a gang of Maine Hip Hop including brand new Dray Jr. to keep you going until next time.

Post Ruckus Cup Ruckus w/ Shane Reis, Pensivv, & A-Frame

King Rich

King Rich

We took the week off immediately following the 2014 Ruckus Cup Classic MC battle so tonight we had a chance to talk about it.  We were also joined in the studio by Shane Reis, Pensivv & A-Frame.  Shane is coming off the release of his second music video from his project “The Reis N Shine” so we got the opportunity to discuss that and play the track.  It’s funny how things work out, if you listen to our 2013 podcast entitled “Post Ruckus with a splash of DJ Boondocks” you would see that the two people we had in the building discussing the evening were none other than Shane & Pensivv.  I guess they are our “go to” guys on this subject!  In any event, as always, the podcast is filled with all things Maine Hip Hop and we also tried to get in a few listener submissions that we have been sleeping on.  We appreciate the support and will be back at it again this coming Wednesday.

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